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Group Class Registration

Register for a Group Class

Class Participants: Please enter your information below to register for one of our classes. Please note that to secure your spot in one of our classes you will need to pay for the class with this registration. Cost for a 6-week course is $175 per dog for residents of Rolling Hills Estates. Cost for all non-residents is $199 per dog. We will contact you to arrange payment once you submit your registration.

Owner Information

Dog Information

Payment Information

Student Agreement

I, the undersigned, hereby agree and acknowledge that by executing this agreement I am agreeing to receive and pay for the services of Jennifer McCarthy World Class Dog Training ("WCDT"). I understand and agree that training a dog is not without risk of injury to my dog or me or others who may attend training with me, because some dog to which my dog, my invitees or I may be exposed to may be difficult to control and may cause injury. I understand and agree that: (a) WCDT is not an insurer of the personal safety of my dog, me or persons I may invite or bring to the training sessions or anyone else who has contact with my dog; (b) I will provide any health, property or liability insurance for my dog, myself and family members; (c) the amounts paid to WCDT by me is based solely on the value of the training services and not on the value of my dog or any property with which my dog has contact; (d) the nature of the training services may not result in my desired changes in my dog's behavior or performance; (e) the nature of the training services may not cure my dog of any dangerous propensities including biting, and (e) it is difficult to determine what portion, if any, of any injury, damage to my dog (including illness, bites, falls or other injury or death through contact with other dogs or participants) or personal injury or death to me or anyone I may invite or bring to the training sessions would be proximately caused by any conduct or act or omission by any other dog or any other participant in a training session, or by WCDT's: (i) breach of this agreement, (ii) failure to perform, (iii) negligence, or (iv) any failure of services. Therefore, I agree that even if a court or arbitrator decides that WCDT's breach of this agreement, any failure of the services, or WCDT's negligence (including gross negligence), or any conduct or act or omission by any other dog or any other participant in a training session, caused or allowed any harm or damages (whether such harm or damages are actual, direct, incidental or consequential, including without limitation, injury, damage or death to my dog or personal injury or death to persons) to my dog or me or anyone else including family members or any other persons who may be in contact with my dog, I agree that WCDT's liability shall be limited to not more than the lesser of $1,000.00 or the amount charged to me by WCDT for the training and this shall be my only remedy regardless of what legal theory is used to determine that WCDT was liable for the harm, damages, injury or loss.
If anyone other than me asks WCDT to pay, or demands that WCDT pay, for any harm or damage (including property damage, injury to or death of their dog, personal injury or death) connected with or resulting from: (i) the acts or conduct of my dog, (ii) the acts or conduct or failure to act by me or persons I invite or bring to training sessions; (iii) any other improper or careless activity in providing the training facilities or services; (iv) a claim for indemnification or contribution, (v) a failure of WCDT's training services, or (vi) WCDT's negligence (including gross negligence), I agree to pay WCDT: (a) any amount which a court or arbitrator orders WCDT to pay or which WCDT reasonably agrees to pay, and (b) the amount of WCDT's reasonable attorneys' fees and any other losses and costs that WCDT may pay in connection with the harm or damages. Unless prohibited by my applicable insurance policies, I agree to release WCDT from any claims of any parties suing through my authority or in my name, such as my insurance company, and I agree to defend WCDT against any such claim. I further agree to pay and/or reimburse WCDT, at WCDT's election, any costs in connection with any damage, liability, injury or death caused by me, my dog or any persons or animals I bring to WCDT, or arising from or related to any breach by me or my guests of any representations, warranties, agreements or covenants contained in this agreement. The term "WCDT" as used in the Limitation of Liability and Indemnification sections of this agreement shall be deemed to include Jennifer McCarthy World Class Dog Training, Jennifer McCarthy, their affiliates, successors and assigns, and each of their, respective officers, directors, managers, shareholders, members, partners, employees, agents, volunteers, contractors, licensees and assigns.
I represent and warrant that my dog is healthy, in good condition, has not been exposed to any infectious or contagious disease, is current on all vaccinations appropriate for my dog including without limitation rabies, and, if requested, I will provide WCDT with proof of vaccinations. I further represent and warrant that my dog is house broken, crate trained, and has not harmed or shown aggressive or threatening behavior towards any person or any other dog, except as I have disclosed in writing to WCDT. I hereby give WCDT authorization to speak to my veterinarian and/or their staff to confirm my dog's vaccination status, medical history and any behavioral issues. I hereby authorize WCDT to administer aid and/or use any available veterinarian for my dog should the need arise, whether or not WCDT can reach me or my emergency contact and I assume full financial responsibility for any and all expenses incurred. I agree that I will at all times conduct myself in an appropriate manner while at the WCDT facilities, and when in the residential areas I shall conduct myself on the best terms as one would if staying at another person's home. I understand and agree that smoking is prohibited. I hereby agree that good and valuable consideration, the receipt and adequacy is hereby acknowledged, my pets and I may be photographed, filmed, videotaped and/or recorded and that WCDT shall from inception own all rights in and to the results and proceeds thereof, including without limitation the copyrights therein and any extensions thereof, and the right to use in all forms, manner and media now known or hereafter devised throughout the universe in perpetuity and make any changes thereto. I have retained WCDT to provide training services for my dog. I acknowledge and agree that it is my responsibility for practicing the lessons with my dog a minimum of 15 minutes per day. I agree to pay a $35.00 fee on cancelled/returned checks and acknowledge that no refunds are offered on incomplete packages or unsatisfactory service. All paid training packages must be completed within a six-month period. Cancellations must be made a minimum of 24 hours in advance.